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"This is women's swimwear for normal women. It covers whatever you've got, and makes you feel like swimming again!"~Bertha M.C.
Women's Swimwear by Truesuit

Frequently Asked Questions (& Answers...)

Here at Truesuit, we understand shopping for women's swimwear can be a frustrating experience! So, in an attempt to alleviate any swimwear woes, we've compiled a list of questions, from women like you, about Truesuit swimwear. We hope it helps! If you still have questions, don't hesitate to contact us!

Please Help! I'm going on vacation in one week and just now realized I need a new swimsuit! How long will it take till I receive my suit if I order it today?

Once your order is confirmed, it's usually processed within 24 hours. If you need to receive your swimsuit quickly, it can be shipped via priority mail. The cost of shipping depends on where you live. Most Canadian shipping west of New Brunswick runs about $10 and is insured for $150.00. We ship all over the world. If you'd like to know the cost before the parcel goes out, we'll let you know by email.

How much does a Truesuit cost?

The base price of a Truesuit is $120 CAD. Additional charges may be incured if you request a suit that requires more time or fabric than usual. But, that rarely happens. An invoice comes with your Truesuit, and appropriate taxes (depending where you live) are added to the cost of the swimsuit. You can choose to pay by check, cash or money order.

I have a plus size figure, does Truesuit make swimwear in my size?

Absolutely! Since Truesuits are custom-made, they are cut to flatter your figure. Plus, the fabric we use helps to smooth out some of the hills and valleys that creep up on all of us!

I've had a mastectomy and therefore need to wear a bra underneath my swimwear. Can I wear a bra underneath a Truesuit?

Yes, yes, yes! The classic tank style of the Truesuit allows for women to wear undergarments underneath their swimsuits. Since our swimwear is custom-made, you can also dictate the width of your straps to ensure your bra can not be seen.

I'm pregnant, are Truesuits suitable maternity swimwear?

Yep again! The combination of the high quality fabric used and the classic tank style of the Truesuit make it an ideal maternity swimsuit. Many customers say their Truesuits are the most comfortable swimwear they have ever owned - a must for any item in your wadrobe when pregnant!

What happens if I recieve my Truesuit and it doesn't fit or it simply wasn't what I was expecting?

An invoice is mailed to you with your Truesuit. You don't pay for the suit until you've recieved it, tried it on, and are pleased with the fit. If your swimsuit doesn't fit, simply send it back with the invoice. You'll only pay for the shipping back to Truesuit.

How do I care for my Truesuit?

If you've been in a chlorinated pool your suit will need a thorough cleansing in soap and cold water till all the chlorine is out. Wherever it is, water is an environment full of all sorts of invisible life forms. Since we are not dolphins, we should just wash these little critters out of our clothes. Truesuits are safest dried in the air; however we will tell you after throwing our suits in the dryer for a year and a half they're just as tight as ever... wish we could say the same for ourselves!.

Can you describe the fabrics used by Truesuit?

All Truesuits are cut from Nylon/Lycra blends in about an 80%-20% ratio, or Polyester/Lycra blends of about the same ratio. These materials are all made mills that produce fabrics for the major swimsuit lines. We only use fabrics that survive a 24 hour bath in a strong chlorine solution meant to mimic a public hot tub. And of course, our whole modus operandi is to give flattering coverage, and offer a wide variety of prints and patterns meant to do just that. Dark solid colours are Just Wrong for shape camouflage... they outline rather than blur.

I would like to see some samples of the fabric before I make my decision. Is it possible to get swatches sent to me?

Yep. Just let us know which fabric choices you would like to see and we'll mail them out the day we get your request. We're that earnest!

I have a Truesuit and love it! I'd like to share your product with my ladies' group. Would you send me promotional material to distribute to my friends?

Yes we do! If you would like to let your friends or collegues know about Truesuit, we encourage you to share our website. If you'd like promotional materials sent to you, please use our contact form.

"After twenty years of avoiding the beach, I have a new confidence..."~Carole

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