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"I heard 'cute swimsuit' in Cayman and Carttagena, Panama and Punta Arenas. Thanks for your excellent service."~Betty R., Garibaldi
Women's Swimwear by Trusuit

Privacy Policy

picture of The Truisuit cutting room - bright and organizedNo information submitted through forms on is stored in any form, electronically or otherwise. When a form on is submitted it is sent via email to Truesuit Swimwear. After the email is sent the information is no longer available to perform any function.

No information submitted using forms on is ever sent to a third party, for profit or otherwise. If an email address is provided, no promotional material, or other unsolicited email will be sent.

If requested, a copy of the information being sent can be forwarded to the sender. If this information is incorrect, the sender may fill out the contact form to request its correction.

If you have any questions regarding the use of your personal information collected using forms on, submit them using the contact form.

"Love it!!!" ~Pat L., Honolulu

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