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"This is women's swimwear for normal women. It covers whatever you've got, and makes you feel like swimming again!"~Bertha M.C.
Women's Swimwear by Trusuit

Terms and Conditions

When you hit the "Submit Order" button on the final order page, your order for a custom Truesuit is sent to Truesuit Swimwear via email. If an email address is provided by the sender, a copy of the order will be forwarded to you. This order is tentative. The sender will be contacted using the information they provided to confirm the order.

Full Satisfaction Guarantee

In order to provide more comprehensive shipping service, each Truesuit shipment is handled on an individual basis. The total cost of a shipment is detailed upon confirmation.

Most orders are processed in 24 hours. Orders go in the mail with the invoice tucked inside. Since we do not accept credit cards, payment should be made by personal check or postal money order. Canadian dollars should be used for orders in Canada, and US dollars in all other countries. Payments should be made payable to Swimwear.

Purchasers are advised to try on their Truesuits immediately upon receipt or the shipment. If after trying on their custom Truesuit the purchaser decides that the suit does not fit they should send the suit back to Truesuit Swimwear. When Truesuit Swimwear receives the returned shipment, the invoice is no longer payable.

Truesuit Swimwear is proud to offer excellent customer service. If you have any questions about our ordering process, please submit them using the contact form

"After twenty years of avoiding the beach, I have a new confidence..." ~Carole

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