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"The fit is perfect and so comfortable! You are so speedy!
Thank you for my lovely Truesuit!" ~Liz S., Coleman

Truesuit women's swimwear will get you back in the water...

"In 2002, after countless years of searching for (and never finding) the perfect swimwear, I was determined to produce a swimsuit for women that gives great coverage of the body, whatever its shape or condition; is comfortable to wear all day long, in and out of the water; and looks beautiful. Remember pictures of the wool tank suits women used to wear in the 20s and 30s? That's what I had in mind! I am proud of the Truesuit swimsuit, and gratified that so many customers come back for seconds and thirds!" ~Judith Stapleton, President of Truesuit Swimwear

Truesuit women's swimwear is a tank suit with legs, a suit you can wear in a jacuzzi or in a kayak, relaxing at the pool or in your backyard, surfing in Hawaii or snorkeling in the Galapagos, a suit that is comfortable and looks attractive whether you are keeping to the shadows or are right out there in the stream of things. If you have despaired about getting into a swimsuit again, fret no more - a Truesuit will help give you the confidence to get back in the water! It travels wonderfully as a modesty suit - just dry off, add a wraparound skirt and go straight to a café or get on a bus. Truesuit is for the Everywoman, wherever she goes.

Swimsuit features and highlights...

"Many Thanks! This swimsuit will be a huge help in my new weight loss program. I'll be after another after some more weight disappears. All the best!" ~Quita L., Ladysmith

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